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Top 5 Best Laptop Brands in the World

Laptops are a necessity in the digital age and luckily, we never underestimate the options. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of models available, in different budgets and with various features and specifications. Unfortunately, these bundles of choices can overwhelm you. Hence, we bring top-class laptop brands that cater to the needs of consumers. Choose the one that best suits you from the top 5 laptop brands listed below.

1. Lenovo

Lenovo is the first name that comes to consumers’ minds when we say premium. Although the price may be a bit higher than the competitors, the consumers appreciate its smooth performance. Lenovo laptops are perfect for students, professionals, and gamers. Lenovo laptops are very versatile and come in different price ranges Also, the hardware components are highly durable and reliable. The market share of Lenovo laptop brands is 23.6% by quarter 1 of 2022.

2. HP

HP laptops were one of the most popular laptop brands in the early days. Although the brand name is not as bright as it used to be, these reliable machines are still loved by many. HP makes the best student laptops ever that are high-budget friendly. Decent customer service and brand warranty are also amazing benefits that make it the most loved among the top 10 laptop brands. The market share of HP laptop brands is 20.5% by quarter 1 of 2022.

3. Dell

Dell offers budget-friendly laptops built with powerful hardware. Durability and professional design are some of the reasons why it is ranked as one of the top 5 laptop brands. Laptops manufactured by Dell are very light and offer excellent battery life. The market share of Dell laptop brands is 17.7% by quarter 1 of 2022.

4. Apple

Apple is undoubtedly the most luxurious and top-rated laptop brand in the world. Be it a laptop or any other gadget, the class and sophistication that the brand offers are unmatch. The best features of Apple laptops are built, user-friendly interface, display, and power as well as great customer support. Apart from these qualities, Apple laptop operating system is much more error-free than Windows. Brand advantages include spectacular performance, fast and responsive systems, strong battery life, and out-of-the-box Retina display and color reproduction. The brand allows users to install Windows, which is a great plus. The market share of Dell laptop brands is 9% by quarter 1 of 2022.

5. Asus

ASUS laptops are affordable and reliable for people. The display, battery life, and user interface of the brand are highly appreciate by the market. Asus laptops have excellent screen-to-body ratio and are top off with innovative designs, these laptops are a feast for the eyes. The market share of Dell laptop brands is 7.2% by quarter 1 of 2022.

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